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Georgia has been preserving the mystery of winemaking and spirit distillation for thousands of years, and we are proud to continue these traditions in our homeland and share our products  with the rest of the world.

Georgian traditional strong alcoholic beverage produced with first class raw material - naturally grown, hand-picked and carefully selected Persimmons, variety - Hachiya, (Kaki Fruit).

We grow trees of Hachiya persimmon (Kaki Fruit), harvest them in October, then keep until they are fully ripe before February.

We distill twice, take only Heart Cut on ave. vol 80 and dilute with purified spring water down to vol 42 and bottle.

Each bottle contains about 100 Hachiya persimmons, no added sugar or artificial ingredients, only natural fruit flavor and aroma.

We have created CHACHAPERSIMMON exclusively for people who appreciate craft spirits, for bar managers who love art and craft of mixing drinks, for restaurants who seek to impress their clientele.

CHACHAPERSIMMON is a warm-up drink, often served in shots and is used as a base spirit in craft cocktails with natural ingredients.

Our farm is located in Kvareli, close to Caucasus Mountains, famous with its rich soil and excellent climate for producing naturally grown ingredients for wines and spirits.


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