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Who Are We

Who We Are

Friends from different backgrounds inspired by the same passion for agriculture, established Agrostore Georgia in 2019.


Since then we are growing and with us, we have carefully chosen farmers who share same values.

Located near Caucasus Mountains in Kakheti, Kvareli we grow berries and fruits on most rich soil of Georgia.


Full cold chain “From Farm to Shelf” service provides best quality products to our customers; thus, we are one the most valuable supplier of Fresh & IQF Berries/Fruits for Gulf and other countries.


We like innovation and quality and with modern approach we take things to another level and that’s where our second direction was born:


Craft CHACHA! Georgian traditional strong alcoholic beverage produced with first class raw material - locally grown fruits - Persimmon (Kaki Fruit), Quince, Feijoa and grapes, no added sugar or artificial ingredients, only natural fruit flavor and aroma.

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